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Paul is undertaking a PhD with the University of Roehampton and Sadler’s Wells Theatre, running from October 2020 to September 2024. Emerging from and grounded in our collaborative practice, this project studies the relationships between freelance dance artists and institutions, particularly when ‘independent’ artists take on curatorial roles. We use the term ‘hosting’ to think about the practical, ethical and aesthetic complexities of these situations.


The research is supported with public funds through TECHNE: with a waiver on university fees and a stipend of £17,285 per annum for four years. We consider this work as being undertaken for the benefit of the artists, organisations, and interested public across the field of UK dance. If you think this research could support you and your work, please get in touch.


We are interested in notions of transparency, accountability and responsibility when working in receipt of public funds. On this page you can find a series of open letters that Paul has been writing to his supervisors each month, reflecting on current interests and preoccupations. You can sign up to receive these by email by clicking here. We are also publishing public evaluative reports at the end of each semester (including a breakdown of finances). And below them, you can find some 'outputs' of the research, including talks Paul has given at symposia and conferences.

Year 1 Term 1
Organisation and Disorganisation
Oct '20

Nov '20
Dec '20
Y1T1 Semester Report
Year 1 Term 2
Entrances and Exits
Jan '21
Mar '21
Y1T2 Semester Report
Year 1 Term 3
Clarity and Bullshit
Apr '21
May '21
Y1T3 Semester Report
Year 1 Term 4
Boundaries and Intimacy
Jul '21
Aug '21
Sep '21
Year 2 Term 1
Invitation and Exclusion

Nov '21
Year 2 Term 2
Decency and Desire
Jan '22

Dancing Their Unhappy Freedoms.
An essay co-written with Simon Ellis.
February 2022. Distributed online and as zines.


On Late Harvest at One Thoresby Street
An essay published in New Critique.
December 2021. Photo by Adam Grainger.

Late Harvest Party-08 [small].jpg

Self-Possessed, a performance presented at Manchester Art Gallery as part of Handle With Care, organised by Iniva. 25th November 2021. Photo by Hamish MacPherson. 
The performance was accompanied by a short text available here.

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Presentation for Practice Sharing, hosted by alys longley and pavleheidler at Choreographic Research Aotearoa, Waipapa Taumata Rau (University of Auckland).
November 2021. Transcript available here.

To suture a wound open.
An essay for Metaphor as Metamorphosis.
July 2021.


Letters of Resignation - A Zine.
Materials from our choreography course with Siobhan Davies Studios. September 2021. Download here.


In agreement with Dance4.
A performance at Dance4. Photo by Adam Grainger.
1st July 2021. Rachel Parry wrote a response here.

In Agreement 2lo.jpg

Presentation for Dance Research Matters.

C-DaRe, Coventry University.
27th May 2021. Audio only. Full transcript here.

Letters of Resignation.
A choreography course with Siobhan Davies Studios. February - June 2021.

blowing a kiss.jpeg
Demons, linoprint series and text.
30 postal editions.
December 2020.

Presentation for 'Undoing the Institution at the
On Transversality digital conference.
10th Dec 2020. Full transcript here.

PhD Seminar introductory presentation.
Dance Department, 
Uni of Roehampton.
2nd Dec 2020. Full transcript here.
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