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(after Krys Alex, Desire'e Kelley, and Stanislaw Lem)

FatimaInCyber_after KrysAlex-Desire'eKel

Fatima invents a robot that goes on a rampage whenever people lie. 
She invents the means to swap mind and body. Consciousness leaps physical forms that chase each other across the city. A tyrant ends up in jail. 
She creates a machine that can make anything beginning with the letter 'n', in order to make nothing. It almost destroys the world.
She gives to someone (or maybe someone gives to her?) a replica of herself, that is really just her. She gets beaten up.


Fatima encounters a pirate who wants to know everything, who drowns in a never-ending stream of information. 
She encounters a prince in love, and refuses to exorcise his desire.
She meets a king obsessed with the ultimate hunt, who feels constrained by his perfectly helpful staff. In an act of mercy, she lays a trap that can kill him.
She meets many kings, each more ridiculous than the next. They all try to take advantage of her. She chooses not to care. 


Fatima comes between two armies at war. She teaches one to collaborate so flawlessly that its leadership dissolves. And instills such creativity in the other that they think of something better to do than fight.
She creates a mechanical poet so skilled that it causes all other poets quit. The machine's words wreak havoc across society; anyone who tries to shut it down finds themselves breaking down in tears. It ends up transmitting its poetry across the cosmos through the birth and explosion of stars. 


Fatima deletes her website, her Instagram, her gender. They change their name; and gently untether themselves from any of our instruments designed to track and monitor. They have gone into Cyber: they are busy, embedded, beyond. 

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